Discover the deadly mistake parents like you make with Their Preteen Kids (Children between the ages of 5 - 12), That is Causing The Rise of Mental Health Issues & Depression In Youths.

A recent study revealed that teenagers of today are 56% more likely to suffer depression, and low self-esteem.

That’s not all, yet another study reveals that only a mere 22% of kids today are likely to live a happy and successful life.

See, the truth is – raising a child/children is never an easy job.


However, it became much more difficult with this generation of children👇.

And so many other terrifying stories…

Here’s the surprising thing: Most of these children didn’t come from bad homes.

As a counselor of over 5 years, I can boldly tell you that the parents of these children tried everything they could to train their children the “right way” yet they turned out bad.

They prayed, they said positive words, and they disciplined them, yet they turned out bad.

Causing the parents great pain.

The Mistake 👇.

If you try to train your kids the way we were trained, the traditional way …

You know: beat your child, yell at them, say positive words to them, praise them, and the other normal training you give your children…

There’s a very high chance of them not becoming who you want them to be.

A higher chance of them causing you pain.

Why? 👇

The world has changed, there are so many things influencing your kids.

Their minds are being shaped by a lot of things you can’t control.

In school, by their friends, and even in the church, their minds are subconsciously being transformed.

That’s why the parenting styles that worked previously, don’t work anymore.

That’s why there’s a higher rate of depression in young people, suicide, self-esteem, drugs, kids turning into something else.

Here’s the worst part, most parents think their kids are amazing. But you don’t know what your children do when you’re not looking.

So how do you ensure that your kids turn out to be champions, good humans, successful, and confident kids, other parents wish were their own?

This can be done by using the Active Parenting style.

I believe your ultimate goal as a parent is to raise children who not only succeed but shine as extraordinary human beings.

You want your kids to be champions, the kind of individuals others admire and wish they had raised themselves.

You desire your children to be Godly, compassionate, confident, and thriving.

However, In today’s fast-paced world, achieving this dream requires a parenting style that goes beyond the normal approaches.

It requires the Active Parenting style.

That’s why I have organized the one and only Active Parenting Masterclass.

A 3-day intensive masterclass where you’ll discover a new approach to ensure your preteens grow into exceptional individuals.

Here is a little taste of what you'll learn in 3 days👇:

1.Transformative communication: The secret to shaping your child’s destiny for the better.

2.How to set healthy boundaries: These boundaries will enable your children to develop essential life skills, cultivate self-discipline, and grow into confident, responsible individuals who are well prepared for a successful future.

3.Effective discipline technique: Discipline is not about controlling or punishing your child. You’ll discover a discipline that doesn’t break the spirit; it nurtures it.

It will help you raise an emotionally intelligent, responsible, compassionate, and a child that nothing can break.

4.Critical thinking skills: The cornerstone of confident decision-making. We’ll teach you how to nurture this vital skill in your child. It instills unshakable self-confidence in your child. Imagine your child standing tall, unshaken in their belief in themselves. This is the foundation of a true champion.

5.Home growth support: Your home should be more than just four walls; it should be the nurturing ground for your child’s success and happiness.

You’ll discover the simple strategy of creating a home environment that promotes not only academic excellence but emotional intelligence. This can protect your kids from being easily corrupted and manipulated.



And so much more…

The Active Parenting Masterclass gives you the right tools and knowledge to be the parent your children truly need—the one who guides, supports, and empowers them.

You have the power to be their anchor, their guide, their protector in a world that is always trying to destroy their minds.

For a one time investment of just 5000 ksh, you get lifetime access to the 3 day masterclass that reveals to you strategies to raise children who will make you proud, and inspire others.

There are different ways of investing to having the child you desire by👇 :

The above two are painful and very expensive both emotionally and financially.

The above can be prevented early by investing at a very pocket friendly cost indicated above.

You’ll agree with me that no amount is too big to invest in your child’s future.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can raise champions.

Join other smart parents and discover the Active Parenting difference today. Who knows, your child's well-being might depend on it.


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